Frequently Asked Questions

Answers provided by President Bruce Rempel

Q: Dryrainge was awarded SCOREGolf Magazine's Canadian Product of the Year for 2011. What does that tell you about Dryrainge?
A: It tells me the product is getting widespread exposure for its quality, how it functions and for the positive affect it can have on a golf course's operations. It was a great surprise to win that award. We're honoured by it. Only a year ago we were SCOREGolf's Emerging Canadian Golf Company of the Year so it's a great for the company and the product to be recognized like that in consecutive seasons.

Q: Why does a golf course need a Dryrainge?
A: You have to look at Dryrainge from an operations perspective. Out on your practice facility the unit protects members, guests and the staff from the elements including UV rays, rain, wind and even cold to a degree. That means lessons or clinics that might otherwise be cancelled don't have to be if a course has a Dryrainge on site. Lost revenue is hard to make up. With Dryrainge you never have to be worry about lost range revenue – ever. That's the beauty of it.

Q: How strong is Dryrainge?
A: The unit itself weighs about 1,200 lbs. It's made from 2 3/8" structural, galvanized tubing that's hot dipped with a quality finish. It also features 12.5- ounce woven polyethylene. It's extremely resistant to fading in the sun, corrosion and even abrasion. We took a lot of advice on its construction from the industrial and agricultural industries. Things there are built to last because they have to be. We took the same approach with the design of Dryrainge.

Q: How does Dryrainge function when the weather turns bad?
A: That's what it's built for – bad weather situations. Anchored properly it can withstand winds of up to 55 mph and we've had Dryrainge in sustained wind up to 70 mph. We have a testimonial from a customer in Georgia who lost trees all around his driving range one afternoon but the unit stood up. We got a lot of compliments about that. Rain of course is no issue whatsoever. Neither are harmful UV rays. That's a specific weather problem where the protection quality of Dryrainge really becomes a benefit. The sun and heat can make lessons or clinics very uncomfortable in the middle of summer. Dryrainge is the answer for that. It's also beneficial for teaching pros who utilize launch monitors, laptop computers and video cameras for lessons. In the rain for example all of that equipment can still be used effectively and without worry.

Q: The product has the appearance of being very advanced. Is there an advertising component for golf courses to take advantage of?
A: When you see Dryrainge at the golf course it adds a lot of appeal to the range environment. It looks very forward thinking and it immediately tells people this is a golf course that truly cares about its customers and staff. As for the marketing element every unit comes ready for signage to either promote the golf course or potential advertisers. That provides a golf course with the opportunity for a financial return if they choose. It's an added benefit and it's become an important one at golf facilities who own a Dryrainge.

Q: What kind of reaction do you get from club pros or teaching professionals when they experience Dryrainge for the first time?
A: Routinely people tell us, "Why didn't I do this sooner?" There are still a lot of golf professionals, course owners and general managers who don't know about the product even though the company has been around since 1998. What's been happening recently is when we get one into a certain area word of mouth carries the message to other courses in that same region. Then we get another order and it kind of snowballs. We've been particularly fortunate with our customers in Scotland. I think its one of the reasons why the product has done as well as it has in that country. Dryrainge is an investment. If you're a club pro it's an investment in yourself.

Q: Even though it shows well in pictures and on video, it's always better to experience a product like Dryrainge first-hand, right?
A: Absolutely. You can't appreciate the full value of a Dryrainge until you actually get under one and test it. If you can do that when the weather is bad the experience becomes even more eye opening. That is when you really see how the product delivers and how it relates to operations.

Q: You mentioned Scotland. Dryrainge is starting to build a customer network worldwide. What have you accomplished globally?
A: The United Kingdom has been great for us. When we first started the company we had a bigger clientele there than we did in North America. Of course they have more extreme weather there especially wind. We've done well in Switzerland, Sweden, India and we're slowly building our customer network throughout the United States and Canada. We're starting to see significant progress in Arizona where the sun and heat can be a big problem and we've got some units into the Toronto and Vancouver markets this season. It's been a very good year.

Q: It seems the PGA of America has taken an interest. Dryrainge recently signed on to become a partner of the PGA of America for their Winter Series, right?
A: That's correct. We've become a PGA of America partner for 2012 and we're proud to say that. The PGA of America represents more than 28,000 golf professionals who service the golf community in the United States. They are the people we know can help us spread the word about Dryrainge. It's an exciting time for us right now and it's going to become even more exciting. This initiative with the PGA of America is certainly part of that.