Personal Representatives

We understand that covered golf hitting stations are a big decision for a golf facility. When you call Dryrainge to discuss the details of your purchase, you will work with a personal representative that is highly skilled and knowledgeable.

Our team has been with us for many years, and they have come across almost every situation in the golf industry that you can imagine. Whether power, permitting, weather or budget are an issue, simply let our personal representatives know.

Feedback Requested for Future Product Development

At Dryrainge, we will continually ask for your feedback so that we can use it to improve our product development in the future. We are not stagnant in our product development and research, and we continue to work to create products that will exceed customer expectations.

Customers are Our Ambassadors

We understand that it can be hard to see how beneficial a Dryrainge covered driving range system can be until the solution is in place. This is why we try to convert all customers to our product ambassadors.

When you see what the Dryrainge can do for you, we hope that it encourages you to spread the word about the product and tell your friends in the golf industry. As our product line expands and we create more driving range solutions, we will continue to help any and every golf facility.

Facilities of All Types

Dryrainge has customers that are individual teaching professionals, private golf courses, public golf courses, resort courses, and independent driving ranges. Regardless of the type of facility you have established or are looking to create, Dryrainge can help. We can also put you in contact with owners of similar facilities to get feedback and ideas for your golf center.

Custom Solutions When Necessary

If you don’t see the perfect solution for your driving range or golf facility on our website, do not hesitate to reach out. When custom solutions are necessary, we can help. Dryrainge has a long history in the industry, and when we need to think outside the box, we can.

Take a look at some of our customer testimonials, and feel free to reach out with any additional questions or concerns.

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SCOREGolf – Rick Young
It can be scaled and customized to fit any range facility and meets Dryrainge’s mandate to provide comfort and functionality while helping range’s maximize revenue.

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