What is DryRainge? 

DryRainge is a golf driving range shelter that allows for covered hitting stations, AV and power solutions, and temperature control. The DryRainge golf range cover does not need permitting to be installed and has several custom options to make it a good solution for your facility. There are four DryRainge models to choose from, including the Teachers Edition, Members Addition, Entertainment Lounge, and the Performance Platform.

Teachers Edition

The Teachers Edition is a mobile golf shelter designed to give any teaching professional a useable space for year round golf performance and teaching. This is a shade system that will also have the ability to hook up power, hang TV monitors, and set up the perfect home base for a golf teaching school. Teachers Edition from DryRainge does not need professional installation or permitting.

Dimensions & Specifications

  • 25′ X 12′ X 11′
  • Heavyweight Waterproof PVC Coated Fabric
  • Can withstand winds up to 60mph

Benefits of DryRainge Teachers Edition

  • UV, fire, and wind resistant
  • Waterproof hitting space
  • Ability to add wheels for mobility and portability
  • 95% protection from UV rays
  • Color options

Who Is It For?

Busy golf teaching professionals will spend hours out on the driving range with almost no protection from the elements. The DryRainge Teachers Edition helps to keep students coming out for their lessons regardless of the weather conditions. In addition, golf teaching professionals will have no issues setting up video recording systems or launch monitors to help improve player development. For serious teaching professionals or golf clubs that are trying to establish a golf school, the Teachers Edition is the perfect DryRainge covered golf canopy.

Members Edition

The Members Edition DryRainge is designed for use at both public and private golf ranges, as well as larger golf teaching academies. This driving range cover will cover three tee positions and can be equipped with wheels to help with mobility. The Members Edition works with either mats or turf under the canopy, and it creates an effective sun and rain barrier for those that enjoy practicing in any condition. Whether your facility needs an anchored or portable solution, the Members Edition from DryRainge will work.

Dimensions & Specifications

  • 33’ X 12′ X 11’10″
  • Heavyweight Waterproof PVC Coated Fabric
  • Can withstand winds up to 60mph

Benefits of DryRainge Members Edition

  • Will not impact maintenance routine with the mobility
  • Makes the driving range look more professional
  • No permitting required
  • Ability to add lights, fans, heaters, and AV mounts
  • Three covered hitting stations

Who Is It For?

The DryRainge members edition is the perfect solution to accommodate both teaching professionals and members. With the three large hitting stations, a teacher can work on one end while several other golfers enjoy the ability to practice in a unique and comfortable environment. For golf courses that can’t afford to build large permanent structures on the driving range, these covered golf hitting stations are the perfect solution.

Entertainment Lounge

For golf courses and driving ranges that host events, golf clinics, or have a golf fitting business, the entertainment lounge is the perfect practical golf shelter. With the large size of the Entertainment Lounge, several spectators can be standing or seated watching a presentation. The ability to generate additional income from the Entertainment Lounge is a significant reason to add this to your facility. Each Entertainment Lounge from DryRainge can be equipped with AV and electronic amenities.

Dimensions & Specifications

  • 33′ X 24′ X 14’4″
  • Heavyweight Waterproof PVC Coated Fabric
  • Can withstand winds up to 80mph

Benefits of DryRainge Entertainment Lounge

  • Four turf-friendly swivel wheels for ease of movement
  • Portable design
  • No permitting required
  • Additional opportunities for revenue

Who Is It For?

For golf course driving ranges or independent facilities to compete, facility owners and professionals need to think outside the box. If the creation of a golf school, a golf education seminar, or even skills challenges out on the range on a Friday night are a solution for your golf club, the DryRainge Entertainment Lounge is the right choice. The possibilities for the DryRainge Entertainment Lounge to bring your golf facility more revenue are endless.

Performance Platform

The majority of DryRainge golf driving range covers and canopies are portable structures. However, if your facility is in need of a solid construction golf canopy, the Performance Platform is the perfect solution. This driving range cover can be equipped with AV equipment and solar power and even has flooring and door options to match the aesthetics of your facility. Each performance platform has two hitting bays, but they can be customized.

Dimensions & Specifications

  • 20′ X 24′ X 14’4″
  • Steel construction
  • Can withstand winds up to 100mph

Benefits of DryRainge Performance Platform Edition

  • Can solve power issues at golf driving range facilities
  • Year-round golf practice
  • No permitting required
  • Can withstand high winds and snow
  • Multi-unit or stand alone options are available
  • Door and floor customization options

Who Is It For?

The Performance Platform allows golf driving ranges the ability to offer covered hitting stations all year round. With the Performance Platform, you will have an instant golf room created on the driving range. With the ability to lock the doors and the AV and entertainment solutions, this can become a personalized and customizable golf school delivered in just a few weeks’ time. With no concrete slab necessary, this is a solution that many independent driving ranges and golf facilities can greatly benefit from.

DryRainge Golf Cover

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