Oakmont Boot Camp

May 25, 2017

Our president Bruce Rempel will be spending part of his year at boot camp. No, that’s not a misprint. You read that correctly. As a matter of fact he will be at boot camp four times in 2017 including stops in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Washington State. One of the boot camps is already in the books. What’s going on? Why is Rempel doing this?

Relax. This is not the traditional military boot camp you might be thinking of. Through Dryrainge’s partnership with PGA Magazine Bruce will attend golf course business boot camps at four of America’s finest golf facilities this year – historic Oakmont; Atlanta Athletic Club, Erin Hills, site of this year’s U.S. Open, and Chambers Bay. At each stop he will make a presentation about Dryrainge and its many benefits for facilities to industry leaders invited by PGA Magazine in each region.

Rempel’s first boot camp at Oakmont last month was quite a success. It has him looking forward to the remaining schedule the rest of the summer.

“The day at Oakmont was awesome,” he said. “We got to sit in a group of 35 pros and directors of golf or people leading their golf course’s. They went over best practices for the pros and it was interesting to hear how these people try and grow the game at their course, how they get more customers and how they’re trying to generate more revenue. Dryrainge fit in there very well. We definitely had their attention.”

With value to customers and more money for the club the theme for all of these boot camps Rempel’s power point presentation focused on Dryrainge’s ability to eliminate cancelled lessons because of weather concerns; the strength and mobility of the units and the safety aspects of keeping teaching staff and customers out of the direct sun, thus avoiding harmful UV rays.

“There was no formal Q&A but after it was over we definitely got some questions from the guys and got some feedback,” Rempel said. “We also got some questions with respect to the units being advertising ready. The guys were intrigued by that.”

Rempel will have the benefit of having one of Dryrainge 3-man units on site at Chambers Bay. We’re pleased to announce the company has come to an agreement with the club to install one of our 3-man edition’s at the practice facility of the host club of the 2015 U.S. Open.

“I’ll have it on site for the boot camp in August. That will give us a unit a very high profile facility in the Northeast. It’s certainly more for rain in that region and I’m excited to have one I can show there,” Rempel said.

We’ll let you know how things go at the next boot camp for Rempel and Dryrainge next month in Atlanta. See you next time.

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