Dryrainge – It’s in the Materials

November 21, 2016

We like being challenged here at Dryrainge. We love it when enquiring minds want to know. That’s what keeps our passion burning. WE know Dryrainge is golf’s best range cover. Our mission? Well, it’s to make sure YOU know. We pride ourselves on the awards we’ve won from industry publications, on our global network of satisfied PGA club and teaching professionals, many who tell us all the time, “I don’t know what I’d do without my Dryrainge.”

But once in a while we get a note from someone not real familiar with us, a professional who thinks that Dryrainge might be too good to be true. We got one of those just the other day.

A PGA of America member read our last blog, the one featuring swing teacher, Jim McLean and his endorsement of Dryrainge for his Miami, Florida golf school. He fired us off a short message regarding the unit’s construction. At the end of it he asked us an important question.

“I’ve seen other range covers and none of them ever look strong enough in bad weather. I’m here on the east coast. The club get lots of rain and wind just like McLean’s school does. What makes Dryrainge better than your competitors?” Kyle P.

We’re glad you asked.

First, it’s a modular unit that weighs up to 1,200 pounds. Both our 3 man Member’s Edition and 2-man Teacher’s Edition are constructed from 2 3/8” galvanized tubing that the manufacturer hot dips for a quality finish.

Dryrainge’s cover is made of tough, fade-resistent, 12.5 ounce woven polyethylene that also resists abrasion and corrosion. The anchoring system or the optional wheels that allow you to move it around the range are made of the highest quality materials. We’ve done extensive testing in the wind. Dryrainge can withstand speeds up to 35 mph with the wheels and with our anchor system it can take wind up to 50 mph!!

How’s that for strength? How about no more cancelled lessons because of wind? That’s why we’re golf’s undercover specialist.

Sure hope this answers Kyle’s question. Also hopeful it answered some of yours.

See ya next time!

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