Jim McLean Now Endorsing Dryrainge

October 12, 2016

One of golf’s legendary swing instructors has been “Dryrainged”.

And so pleased is Jim McLean to now have one of golf’s No. 1 range cover units on site at his Trump National Doral golf school in Miami Beach, Florida he has given it a ringing endorsement.

“I’d been looking at something for protection against the elements for a while,” said McLean, “but nothing really stood out for me. Then I went over to see my son Matt. He teaches at the Concession Club here in Florida. Well, he took me out and showed me the Dryrainge. I was really impressed. They had just got it. He told me how the guys put it up for him and the price was in the range of something I was looking to put in at our school. We have a big, big school at Doral. We do almost $1 million a year in teaching. Problem is we’re very exposed and susceptible to the elements. Dryrainge looked really nice. It was way better than anything else I’d looked at to that point. I asked my son who to contact, what the brand was, and here I find out it comes from Canada.”

Staying on schedule is important to McLean, just like it is any other PGA teaching professional, and having a Dryrainge, as he said, “is a nice insurance policy against rain and wind.”

McLean has also become increasingly concerned about sun exposure, not just for himself but for all golf professionals. That includes his son Matt.”

“For his long term health it’s great. Same for me and my guys. We have a lot of sun in Miami. We also have a lot of heat in Miami. Skin cancer is on the rise. The ability to get inside, to get out of that sun and heat and keep our students out of it too makes Dryrainge a great investment.”

Trump Doral also receives a lot of heavy ocean breezes and rain at certain times of the year. McLean told us the structural integrity of the Dryrainge was another big reason he wanted to get one as soon as possible.

“The unit is so strong. It can take the wind and rain. That’s important to me and it’s important for our students and staff,” he said. “To be able to take a client inside to look at video in a shaded area, away from any glare, that’s important. We used to have to drive students back to the clubhouse to look at video. With Dryrainge we don’t do that now. Something else I really like is the ability to move the Dryrainge to different spots on the range. With some of the other products out there you have to anchor them in one place. Not Dryrainge. Having it portable allows us to maintain the grass while giving our students great turf during lessons.”

Something else McLean continues to be impressed with is how good his Dryrainge unit looks on the range at Trump Doral.

“We probably have the No. 1 ranked golf school in the country here,” McLean said. “I need to have something that looks good, the presentation for me is really important. Dryrainge hits all the touch points. It’s more affordable than the other’s when you take a look at what you get from the product. It has everything I need to run my business and give a better experience to our students. It’s a win-win situation. To me this has to be the leading product in sun, rain, wind, protection for teaching professionals in the world today.”

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